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I'm writing you to tell you how much we appreciate your quick response to our new home & getting our carpets so clean so that we could move in the next day. Thank you

~ The Telez Family

We are not your ordinary Green carpet cleaning service!

No Bait & Switch, No up selling, we won’t even try to talk you into any chemical protection like scotchguard, Teflon or any other name it sells under. We set ourselves apart by keeping it simple and include a full service at 1 price, no packages to have to choose from. In our price we include it all to get your carpets deep cleaned.

We do offer our signature Fast Dry service, restretching, pet urine contamination restoration, spot dye and all repairs.


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We specialize in  100% Natural Green Organic, hypoallergenic,  no soap, non residue, non-toxic, and chemical free Cleaning.

Green is today’s Buzz Word for selling. Although a large majority are not really green. Ask us to show you what we use!

Miracle Services Inc. is well known for it’s higher standards and better results in the industry. We also provide Tile & Grout Care along with upholstery service.

It seems every home has carpet, 80 % of the time there is some sort of repair needed whether a patch, restretch or color repair. Wouldn’t it be great to have a cleaner that can address that also instead of just cleaning over them?

We are the original Organic Steam service and Fast Dry cleaning that was designed around a Non Residue service.   Yes, a certain franchise you hear about on paid radio advertisement tries to mimic us but the fact is that quality cleaners have been practising this for decades.

Green, Organic, Natural, Environmentally Safe and Non-Toxic are terms used loosely today! In today’s reality hiding the truth is the game. You can use all those terms to tickle the ears of gullible consumers to get them to buy and yet be none of that. Take a can of Natural Bug spray, everything in that can kill you dead but it has 3% clove oil in it. The 3% is natural and so presented as Green.

Our Green, Natural, Organic products are the best in the industry and are True Green products. They are “Human Safe” – my definition of Green. Next time you get a cleaner in your home ask him or her for the SDS sheet that list the product, ingredients and the hazards. Google those ingredients and then be enlightened and or afraid at the same time. Our total FDA Food Grade product is Non-Toxic, Safe for everyone, made for those that have chemical sensitivities and is a perfect hypoallergenic product.

Since we are a multi method cleaning service we are able to provide both commercial and residential. Truck Mount Steam cleaning is our primary residential service. Many commercial settings require a Dry or Low Moisture service.

Your residential carpet warranty is usually for 25 years and comes with exclusions. The most important one is “cleaning periodicity”. You are required to get a cleaning within 12-18 months as per your warranty. Another exclusion is damage or cleaning method. Dry cleaning can void your warranty due to damage such as “Tip Blooming”. Although Dry cleaning is an oxymoron and rearranges dirt it also can damage fibers. This is we will only Truck Mounted Steam Clean all residential accounts.

The picture below is where we cleaned a “Hi” in the room where the carpet was dry cleaned a few days prior and the client complained of crunchy stiff fibers that still smelled dirty. This method is only applied to commercial building cleaning for commercial plastic olefin fiber.

For your home let’s get the dirt gone! It’s your sanctuary. Leave no residues and keep it organic if possible. bottom

We operate with only the best tools in the industry to provide deepest cleaning available.

We operate with a unique high flow system designed to flush and rinse soil & contaminates away rather than blast them into the backing.  As far as the Residue Fad goes, let be completely open and honest. Everything leaves a residue! Water leaves a residue but the Zero Residues thing sells to gullible people. The question is what leaves a good residue and what leaves a bad residue? What is being left in your carpet? Is it a proprietary trade secret that doesn’t have to be disclosed and they tout as Green? Is a residue of Sodium Hydroxide safe?

The franchises won’t make full disclosure but as a local small business company we will. We have expecting mothers going through nesting syndrome, chemical sensitive people, people with a low immune system, allergy sufferers, people who can not tolerate the smell of fragrance or chemicals and people who are just concerned of chemical use in their sanctuary.

 We can help you with Pet Odor Control or Urine contamination restoration.

20141220_12554820141220_133239Everyone has wrinkles due to bad subcontracted installers, your install warranty is only good for 1 year! They know this. Call us for a post install inspection. Call us to clean at 15 months and we find loose carpet then getting it fixed is on you. Yes, we constantly repair these but it shouldn’t be this way. If it wasn’t installed correctly then your 25 year carpet warranty is void!

20160721_145349Color Loss spots are very typical even on white but as you can see we can help. Most of the time your big brand carpet spotter does this. We fix these routinely.

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2016-06-12 10.35.51

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When we come out we are ready for all your carpet needs, this sets us apart from the others.

berber1Don’t forget, our signature Fast Dry Service is always available at request. It’s a necessity for jobs with miscellaneous spills that have entered the backing and pad that will probably wick back up during the drying phase. I highly recommend it for rainy day service or cloudy humid days. Our unique patented 360 degree down draft fan dryers expedite the evaporation process like no other.

Give us a call, schedule your appointment in advance and enjoy a professional, non residue, perfectly natural and a clean & dry cleaning for a change.  619.990.3541

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