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I'm writing you to tell you how much we appreciate your quick response to our new home & getting our carpets so clean so that we could move in the next day. Thank you

~ The Telez Family


Please be sure to check out my SPECIALS page for this months current specials and prices for your next safe, healthy, sanitizing steam, non toxic, no residue, hypoallergenic Carpet Cleaning

Miracle Services Inc. is well known for higher standards and better results in the San Diego smart Carpet Cleaning industry. We are also recognized for using only the most tried and tested Carpet & Floor cleaning methods, state of the art tools & equipment. One of our signature services is the use of Human Safe Solutions, Green is a buzz word & a fad that is all too many times misused just to sell. Our concept is that if it’s safe for humans and the environment then it’s a true green product! There are many Green & Organic products that are not safe for humans and when it comes to our Green or Organic products they are designed for mine & your personal safety. This is because I am the owner & the operator and I use these products on a daily basis. Unlike many of the franchise companies that rely on employees and speed cleaning it is essential to use cleaning products that strip away dirt faster but this can come at health risks to the long term cleaner and to the consumer.

Our truck mounted carpet steam cleaning unit is a cleaning plant installed in a van that comes to you. This is our primary method of San Diego green carpet cleaning. We are a high heat, high flow flush & rinse system not your typical squirt & suck operation that quickly hydro blasts your dirt to the bottom of the carpet and leaves you soaked. We part company with most carpet cleaning companies in that we are a high flow, flush & rinse, Zero Residue system. We are not the franchise you hear about on the radio, we don’t use Primicide B or Lye in our water & call it empowered water, and we don’t have shills on the radio that promote us telling the consumer that all other carpet cleaners just pump your carpets full of soap like the Shill on KFMB in the morning. That clown spreads fear marketing on the radio and knows absolutely nothing except the script that he gets paid to say. I am an independent small business that enjoys what we do and can give you the details as to how it all really works. Smart Carpet Cleaning is our method of carpet cleaning without the proprietary secret Empowered water.

Although we have the tools for every method of carpet cleaning to provide both San Diego Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Residential Carpet Cleaning, we use the most thorough labor intensive cleaning available: Truck Mounted Steam Carpet Cleaning. Your manufacturer recommends this, other methods can & will void your manufacturer warranty.

The picture below is where I cleaned a “Hi” in the room where the carpet was dry cleaned a few days prior and the client complained of crunchy carpets that still smelled dirty. Yes, we can Dry Clean your carpets but why? It’s dirty, it’s easy, it’s cheaper for me, it’s faster too! This method is only applied to Commercial Building carpet cleaning. For the home let’s get the dirt gone!bottom

Don’t forget that we do Upholstery cleaning, Tile & Grout cleaning and Carpet Repairs. We can help you with Pet Odor Control or go after the source of the odor once the pets have become house trained. This may require replacing some of the urine soaked pad, tack stripping and even sealing the sub floor.

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