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I'm writing you to tell you how much we appreciate your quick response to our new home & getting our carpets so clean so that we could move in the next day. Thank you

~ The Telez Family

5 Star Rated! Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Please be sure to check out my SPECIALS page for this months current specials and prices for your next safe, healthy, sanitizing steam, non toxic, minimal residue, hypoallergenic Carpet Cleaning.

Don’t forget to ask about our San Diego Low Moisture Carpet cleaning service to save water this drought year.


Miracle Services Inc. is well known for higher standards and better results in the San Diego Smart Carpet Cleaning industry. We are also recognized for using only the most tried and tested Carpet & Floor cleaning methods, state of the art tools & equipment.

One of our signature services is the use of our  Non-Toxic Human Safe cleaning  Solutions, Green is a buzz word & a fad that is all too many times misused just to sell and who really knows what it means anymore. If it’s safe for the environment but not humans like most are, should we be using them? Wouldn’t it be nice to use real Green products that are safe for both Humans and the Environment? That’s what we use and pursue. I am a 1 truck operation, I work every job along with a tech. Everything that we use on a daily basis must be safe for us  to use and to be exposed to daily on a constant basis.  We use Naturally Safe products and Organic plant extract products all depending on your situation. Our main cleaning solution contains all-natural properties and ingredients considered safe for consumption by the FDA. Best of all it is free of petrochemicals, carcinogens, perfumes, surfactants, phosphates, NTA, EDTA, alkali builders, acids VOC’s and other toxic chemicals typically used. These our our preconditioning solutions that are applied to break down grease and soils. Totally Detergent Free. They carry all the Green seal certifications and an EPA seal of approval. These cleaning solutions are our Preconditioning products that are lightly applied to your carpets to break down and suspend the soils. Since they are not soaps they are free rinsing. Our Flush & Rinse step is unique to the industry since we do that at a high flow rate instead of a low flow rate of powerful water jet blasts like most do. This will turn any soap into a soapy residue mess that can never get rinsed out thus leaving you the residues that attract soil. Now everything leaves a residue! Regardless of the spin and the advertisements. Water leaves a residue! Use common sense on this. There are good residues and bad residues. Our non soapy, chemical residue is what we are about, but yes there will be a neutral ph soft water residue as water does leave a residue.

Our process is much different than that of the franchise companies that you hear about, it’s been around for decades and that is rinsing your carpets with just pure fresh soft water. Some load up their rinse water with soap, some with acids, some with a little of this and a little of that. You want the Scotchguard applied or the Teflon, guess what, that’s a toxic residue. When we come out to your house we give each job the best options, not all homes are alike and people have different needs. Different carpet fiber types require different ph levels of cleaning even heat settings. We are professional and passionate at what we do, we know what is best for each situation and we give you the options. Pumping your carpets full of soap are craigslist antics and franchise operating procedures. You can’t send employees out to inspect each carpet thoroughly, determine the carpet fiber type to apply the correct preconditioner. Instead you load up the water that you rinse with, term it whatever you want, turn on the machine and go to town because you got a big schedule to bang out to be home by 5pm. You didn’t think they made special hamburgers tailored to you at your favorite fast food joint did you? Tailoring it for our clients and customers is the way an owner operated business works plus we only schedule enough work to meet those needs. We both know that the franchise cleaners you hear about on the radio are all into the commission sales. If the employee is motivated by a 30% sales commission you know the drill, and if you don’t buy then there goes all the motivation, it’s human nature.

Our signature service: our Fast Dry service means that we expedite every cleaning evaporation and carpet drying process. Carpet can not be left to dry on it’s own, this used to be taught because it’s an extremely important step but since the days of jute carpet cleaning it has gone by the way side. We still provide this for you and it’s included. You don’t need to ask how many days will it take to dry.

We inspect every carpet before we start. 8 out of 10 carpets have been installed incorrectly here in San Diego. We’d like to help with a claim for you but your 25 year carpet warranty has more exclusions than anything good and a poor incorrect install will void it. The install warranty is usually only a 12 month warranty from your retailer and your retailer sent out subcontracted installers in most cases. we can help in many cases. If you have just had your carpet installed or know someone who has, give us a call for an inspection to nip it in the bud to get your claim. Two of the biggest issues are wrong pad installed and wavy wrinkled carpets since most are never Power Stretched with the poles as REQUIRED.

Since we are an Owner Operated service means that I personally do the work along with a tech. It doesn’t mean I am the owner that operates from behind a desk and sends out employees. Bottom line, who would you rather have out, a few employees on a big demanding schedule or the owner of the company who enjoys his business and building a good reputation? We do not provide same day service but if we can’t do it we know the credible quality carpet cleaners out there and can refer you to them. I answer the phone myself to ensure your needs, if I can’t answer please leave a message, I will get back to that same day.

All of my work is 100% guaranteed! Except and here goes the fine print exclusions: Pet Urine, Discolorations, Loose Carpet, Trashed carpets, excessive grease spots on polyester and Microfiber Upholstery. These follow under the category of Salvage Cleaning and salvage cleaning is not guaranteed excpet to do our best at what is possible.. Carpet wear is a problem that can not be corrected, it’s damage. Polyester scratches extremely fast in traffic lanes, even faster in Sandy San Diego. The poly’s collect oil of any kind even from your skin, on carpet those oily traffic lanes collect fiber scratching particulates and the damage starts.

Although we have the tools for every method of carpet cleaning to provide both San Diego Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Residential Carpet Cleaning, we use the most thorough labor intensive cleaning method available: Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning. Your carpet manufacturer recommends this, other methods can & will void your manufacturer warranty.

The picture below is where we cleaned a “Hi” in the room where the carpet was dry cleaned a few days prior and the client complained of crunchy carpets that still smelled dirty. Yes, we can Dry Clean your carpets but why? It’s dirty, it’s easy, it’s cheaper for me, it’s faster too! This method is only applied to Commercial Building carpet cleaning for commercial plastic olefin carpet. For the home let’s get the dirt gone! It’s your sanctuary.bottom

Don’t forget that we do Upholstery cleaning, Tile & Grout cleaning and Carpet Repairs. We can help you with Pet Odor Control or go after the source of the odor once the pets have become house trained. This may require replacing some of the urine soaked pad, tack stripping and even sealing the sub floor.

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