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I'm writing you to tell you how much we appreciate your quick response to our new home & getting our carpets so clean so that we could move in the next day. Thank you

~ The Telez Family


Please be sure to check out my SPECIALS page for this months current specials and prices for your next safe, healthy, sanitizing steam, non toxic, no residue, hypoallergenic Carpet Cleaning.


Miracle Services Inc. is well known for higher standards and better results in the San Diego Smart Carpet Cleaning industry. We are also recognized for using only the most tried and tested Carpet & Floor cleaning methods, state of the art tools & equipment.

One of our signature services is the use of our  Non-Toxic Human Safe cleaning  Solutions, Green is a buzz word & a fad that is all too many times misused just to sell. Unfortunately Green is a Free for All and who really knows what it means anymore. Bottom line it sells! I am a 1 truck operation, I work every job along with a tech. Everything that we use on a daily basis must be safe for us  to use and to be exposed to daily. There are many harmful Natural & claimed “Green” ingredients that are Toxic and Flammable. There are products from the environment that are Green for the environment and doesn’t harm the earth but damages and kills humans. We use Naturally Safe products and Organic plant extract products all depending on your situation. Our main cleaning solution contains all-natural properties and ingredients considered safe for consumption by the FDA. Best of all it is free of petrochemicals, carcinogens, perfumes, surfactants, phosphates, NTA, EDTA, alkali builders, acids VOC’s and other toxic chemicals typically used. These our our preconditioning solutions that are applied to break down grease and soils. Totally Detergent Free.

Our Zero Non Residue Process is nothing like the Franchise you hear all the radio talk show hosts shill about. We are not “that franchise.” Our process and service is designed to be much better. Sure yeah, what you hear on the radio is a spin but how many million dollar ad campaigns are not? Different buzz words to make it sound special but at the end of the day Most Quality Independent Carpet Cleaning companies do the exact same process except better. if you do a search for bad reviews,  and problems on any company you will see a trend. Locally quality owned & operated companies will always surpass any franchise in the quality department.  Our pure fresh soft water Flush & Rinse zero residue process ensures that your carpets are left absolutely clean and will stay clean longer.  We differ greatly in that we use a high water flow flush & rinse system rather than the typical high pressure blast. More water means a better clean. So please don’t confuse us with the franchise and problems associated, we have been cleaning this way since 1994.

Our signature service: our Fast Dry service means that we expedite every cleaning evaporation and carpet drying process. The dirty secret to carpet cleaning is that when a carpet is left to dry for hours and even days like many leave them then the bacteria and funk at the backing level will wick back to the surface. This leaves your carpets dirty again. Ever wonder why the big spots came right back, the dog pee stains and all the other spills? Getting the carpet dry is a step neglected by most simply because it’s considered a big pain in the butt.

We inspect every carpet before we start. 8 out of 10 carpets have been installed incorrectly here in San Diego since we are so close to the border. Carpet installers are subcontracted today by the cheapest bid. If you have a bad install we will document it and you can file a claim. We can also power stretch it for you as the installer should have. We will also inspect for the carpet fiber type which will determine the preconditioning solution that we will apply, the cleaning temperature, and cleaning pressure. This crucial to keeping your carpet from being damaged and maintaining your warranty.

Since we are an Owner Operated service means that I personally do the work along with a tech. It doesn’t mean I am the owner that operates from behind a desk and sends out employees. Bottom line, who would you rather have out, a few employees on a big demanding schedule or the owner of the company who enjoys his business and building a good reputation? We do not provide same day service but if we can’t do it we know the credible quality carpet cleaners out there and can refer you to them.

All of my work is 100% guaranteed! Except and here goes the fine print exclusions: Pet Urine, Discolorations, Loose Carpet, Trashed carpets, excessive grease spots on polyester and Microfiber Upholstery. These follow under the category of Salvage Cleaning and salvage cleaning is not guaranteed. Carpet wear is a problem that can not be corrected, it’s damage. Polyester wears extremely fast, even faster in Sandy San Diego.

Our truck mounted carpet steam cleaning unit is a cleaning plant installed in a van that comes to you. This is our primary method of San Diego green carpet cleaning. We are a high heat, high flow flush & rinse system not your typical squirt & suck operation that quickly hydro blasts your dirt to the bottom of the carpet and leaves you soaked. Your backing is never wet, we clean right up to the top of the backing and remove all possible moisture which is why our service takes longer than most. The Flush and Rinse aspect ensures a Deep Clean every time, there is no such thing as a Basic Clean with us. All of our tools are designed for high flow water, deep flush capability and total rinse action. Combine all of that with our signature Rapid Speed Dry service and you are breathing easier once again. We don’t want to leave you with the typical statement “it dries fast”, we want to leave it dry to the touch by the time we leave your home or building.

Although we have the tools for every method of carpet cleaning to provide both San Diego Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Residential Carpet Cleaning, we use the most thorough labor intensive cleaning method available: Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning. Your carpet manufacturer recommends this, other methods can & will void your manufacturer warranty.

The picture below is where we cleaned a “Hi” in the room where the carpet was dry cleaned a few days prior and the client complained of crunchy carpets that still smelled dirty. Yes, we can Dry Clean your carpets but why? It’s dirty, it’s easy, it’s cheaper for me, it’s faster too! This method is only applied to Commercial Building carpet cleaning for commercial plastic olefin carpet. For the home let’s get the dirt gone! It’s your sanctuary.bottom

Don’t forget that we do Upholstery cleaning, Tile & Grout cleaning and Carpet Repairs. We can help you with Pet Odor Control or go after the source of the odor once the pets have become house trained. This may require replacing some of the urine soaked pad, tack stripping and even sealing the sub floor.

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