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I'm writing you to tell you how much we appreciate your quick response to our new home & getting our carpets so clean so that we could move in the next day. Thank you

~ The Telez Family

We are not your ordinary Green carpet cleaning service in San Diego!

No Bait & Switch, No up selling, we won’t even try to talk you into any chemical carpet protection like scotchguard, Teflon or any other name it sells under. We set ourselves apart by keeping it simple and include full carpet cleaning service at 1 price, no packages to have to choose from. In our price we include it all to get your carpets deep cleaned plus our signature Fast Dry service

special-offer-1We are offering 15% off our listed prices for cash and a few minor repairs Free with 4 rooms or more See our Specials 

We specialize in  100% Natural Green Organic, hypoallergenic,  no soap, non residue, non-toxic, and chemical free Carpet Cleaning.

Green is today’s Buzz Word for selling. Although a large majority are not really green. Ask us to show you what we use!

Miracle Services Inc. is well known for it’s higher standards and better results in the San Diego Smart Strand Green Carpet Cleaning industry, carpet repair & tile service. It seems every home has carpet, 65% of the time some sort of repair is needed whether a patch, re stretch or color repair. Wouldn’t it be great to have a carpet cleaner that can address that also and for those minor repairs to have them included as just part of the full carpet cleaning service?

We are the original Organic Carpet Steam cleaning service and Fast Dry carpet cleaning that was designed around a Non Residue carpet cleaning service in San Diego. We’re not the gimmick you hear about on the radio that talk show hosts shill about and get paid to brag on, we don’t use man made water with an unknown chemical ingredient that we term “green” but hide under a propriotory secret. Instead we use an actual real “green” product that we Flush & Rinse out along with your dirt & bacteria with real pure fresh water. I designed my system all around the so typical complaints of others leaving carpets soaked for days and the sticky residues that quickly attract new soil. I honestly believe this doesn’t happen much with owner operated services but the Franchises have a different operating procedure simply due to employee knowledge and motivation. Quality carpet cleaners go out of their way to use products the right way and ensure no residues are left behind since guarantee and reputation is on the line. I would like to think that like us their and their customers health are also a concern so using a safe transparent product is most important.

Green, Organic, Natural, Environmentally Safe and Non-Toxic are terms used loosely today! In today’s reality hiding the truth is the game. You can use all those terms to tickle the ears of gullible consumers to get them to buy and yet be none of that. Take a can of Natural Bug spray, everything in that can to kill you dead but it has 3% clove oil in it. What about petroleum based polyester carpet? They changed the name of polyester and added 30% corn sugar to it so it can be claimed “Green” and made of “Renewable Sources”. Now that sells. Only problem is that this is the worst carpet you can buy for health sake and appearance life sake

Our Green, Natural, Organic carpet products are the best in the industry and are True Green products. They are “Human Safe”: my definition of Green. Next time you get a carpet cleaner in your home ask him or her for the SDS sheet that list the product, ingredients and the hazards. Google those ingredients and then be enlightened and afraid at the same time. Our total FDA Food Grade product is Non-Toxic, Safe for everyone, made for those with chemical sensitivities and is perfect hypoalergenic product. Our product is not Procyon which is claimed to be natural, the fact that it will take off wood finish and has deteriorated our brass in our equipment tells me that it does meet our definition of “Green” or “Safe” carpet cleaning. Most poisons are Natural, many Natural carpet cleaning products are not as safe as they claim such as orange oil AKA d’limonene, citra-solv or citris solvent. Solvents are bad for humans and like any other solvent they are highly flammable. They kill termites with it now and yes Termites are organic like you and I. All that being said, there are times that we have to step back and use an enzyme product but we discuss that with you first. Sure yeah, we can make the pitch like others do that enzymes are natural but isn’t Arsenic too?

Since we are a multi method  San Diego carpet cleaning service able provide both Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Residential Carpet Cleaning. Truck Mount Steam Cleaning cleaning is our primary residential service. Your carpet manufacturer recommends this method to keep your warranty in force for a very good reason. Other methods in a residential setting do not define the word “clean” and we do not want to clean that way in your sanctuary. We repair carpet in San Diego and we know the issues related to carpet left soaked. Seam tape can get wet & disintegrate, loose carpet which is the norm can cause the carpet to develop larger ripples, when dry cleaned the carpet fibers can become distorted and even become tip bloomed or friction burned by Floor Buffers.

The picture below is where we cleaned a “Hi” in the room where the carpet was dry cleaned a few days prior and the client complained of crunchy carpets that still smelled dirty. Yes, we can Dry Clean your carpets but why? It’s dirty, it’s easy, it’s cheaper for me, it’s faster too! This method is only applied to Commercial Building carpet cleaning for commercial plastic olefin carpet where we can’t reach the job via truck mount and 300′ of hose. For the home let’s get the dirt gone! It’s your sanctuary. Leave no residues and keep it organic if possible. bottom

We operate with only the best tools in the industry to provide deepest cleaning available. We operate with a unique high flow system designed to flush and rinse soil & contaminates away rather than blast them to the carpet backing.  As far as the Residue Fad goes, let’s be honest the radio shills that get paid to say all of that are like politicians passing bills they never read. Everything leaves a residue! Water leaves a residue but the Zero Residues thing sells to gullible people. The question is what leaves a good residue and what leaves a bad residue? Do those residues dry sticky or do the peel off? What is in that residue? How much residue? Like I said the Franchises won’t disclose what they use but we do, we show you. We apply our Natural no soap cleaner to your carpet, let it break down and suspend the soil, then we flush & rinse it out with pure fresh soft 210-240 degree steaming hot soft water at the wand. Our natural cleaner and your dirt goes out to the truck. Unlike the franchises that use chemicals, soaps or their own chemically made water, we just leave a water residue. That is and has been our non residue process for the last two decades. Our service is best suited for the expecting mother going through nesting syndrome, chemical sensitive people, people with a low immune system, allergy sufferers and anyone that can not tolerate the smell of fragrance or chemicals.

Don’t forget that we do Upholstery cleaning, Tile & Grout cleaning and Carpet Repairs. We can help you with Pet Odor Control or go after the source of the odor once the pets have become house trained. This may require replacing some of the urine soaked pad, tack stripping and even sealing the sub floor.

Let’s talk quick about rugs. Yes we do rugs but not like a rug cleaner at a rug shop would. Carpet Cleaners are set up for tacked in wall to wall carpet not rugs. Rugs should be cleaned like a piece of laundry at a San Diego rug shop. All too many rugs get ruined by Carpet Cleaners in San Diego. Let’s say you have dog urine in the rug and that is the normal call we get, we as carpet cleaners can’t get it all out, it needs to be submerged and scrubbed. Having us do a fine rug is a waste of your money and although I want to take your money for a service we render I just don’t think it is ethical. If it’s a cheap Polypropylene/Olefin then sending them to a rug shop isn’t the best choice since they can be replaced easily. We will clean these for you. But when it comes serious rug cleaning a typical carpet cleaner will just take it home and clean it in his driveway so you feel like it was professionally cleaned. It should have been delivered to a rug plant that is designed to treat every type of fiber, make repairs, uses correct chemistry then cleans it inside & out. Just remember that fine rugs last generations. You don’t want a “wall to wall” carpet cleaner treating your fine wool or silk rug and fine crafted cotton fringe with the wrong chemical or treating that fine cotton fringe.

20141220_12554820141220_133239Everyone has wrinkles due to wrong incorrect installs, we can re stretch it for you, repair seams, provide patches, tighten or provide transition repair. No need to call another contractor. If a carpet cleaner doesn’t repair carpet and they can’t fix what they damage or make worse then they shouldn’t be cleaning your carpet. All too often a carpet cleaner will pull the carpet off tack along a wall or at a transition with the cleaning wand and powerful vacuum. It needs to be reset right there before the carpet gets loose! Back in the day and we still do it today but a carpet cleaner would pull up a small corner in a room to determine the carpet backing type or pad type. Today a carpet cleaner can’t even do that. Most today will clean over a rip, broken seam, hole or color loss spot rather than tell you and fix it.

20160721_145349Color Loss spots are very typical even on white but as you can see we can help. We include up to 3 color loss spots or 1 minor repair in our 4 room service. Lets be honest, we all have a few repairs that are needed and it only makes sense to do that during the cleaning service.

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You won’t be left soaked with us and no more reasons to worry of mold or mildew.

berber1Don’t forget, our signature Fast Dry Service is always included! It’s a lost step in carpet cleaning today that prevents so many problems and gives you the luxury of getting back to life at home after we leave without being left soaked for days. Our unique patented 360 degree down draft fan dryers expedite the evaporation process like no other. Nobody leaves you drier not even the dirty dry cleaning guys. If we didn’t Fast Dry, those spills on the right would wick back to the top during the normal long dry process. We alleviate that.

heavy pet urine20160623_101708

Carpet wasn’t designed for urine, spraying a deodorizer on it and cleaning just the top of the carpet doesn’t do the job. It requires repair to remove the source. The backing on the right shows the source, the pad is the ultimate source and the effected wood tack strips. In this case we replace the effected pad & tack strips, clean & seal the sub floor, clean the backing then reinstall. The urine salts in the pad & backing will always activate with sub floor slight moisture. Topical Deodorizer is a big waste of money. In this situation the removed hallway was taken to a rug shop to soak out the urine in backing and once returned we reinstalled it. Even with all of that the carpet still had a light urine odor due to the backing. This is why we know better and do not claim the impossibility of Odor Removal. We can remove as much as possible but it is an Odor Control issue that you will have to carry out with a product that we provide at the end of each urine repair job.

Give us a call, schedule your appointment in advance and enjoy a professional, non residue, perfectly natural and a clean & dry carpet cleaning for a change.  619.990.3541

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